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Bye bye Boa Vista...

... and a happy new year!

semi-overcast 34 °C

We finshed our work in Boa Vista just before X-mas. We spent the christmas days on the fazenda in Caracaraí and had a very relaxed and different christmas time.

Just after we started our trip. First place to see was Manaus - quite good to see a bigger city after 3 months in Boa Vista. From there we started our riverboat journey down the Amazon. First place to see and stop was Santarém for us - where we also started into the new year. It is a lovely relaxed place with a beautiful beach and great environment. From here on we will continue with boat to Belém in the next days...

Greets to you all!

Glissez bien !! comme disent ces bons vieux allemands...

Frohes neues Jahr!
Happy new year!
Feliz ano novo!

see you soon

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Road trippin' to the Guyanas

we got a car - we got a weekend - we got time... let's go!

sunny 39 °C

On a beautiful weekend we made the close trip to British Guyana - just some 120 km or so. The boarder is that little ferryboat you see below - and that bridge we suppose will never be finished. On the guyanan side things were quite a bit different. All had that bit of carribean flavour, yeah it's not far. So we could eat curry and speak english. There we stayed for a night. Unluckily the only disco was closed, so there was not that much to do in Lehtem/Guyana. But worth a trip for sure...

01380047_red.jpg Well - that's the border

01380050_red.jpg Lethem city

see u there !

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Yes, we do some work here

What the field work was like

sunny 38 °C

Time's rushing we all know. And the fact that the time ticks a lot slower here than in Germany doesn't help to much. With the beginning of October we started our two field work project. Both took about three weeks, so that we're finished with that part now and go on with our reports.
01380021_red.jpgNico measuring heights of the trees01380019_red.jpgMe writing down the data

The second part of our work was a recheck of already measured data. For this we had to travel a lot through the 30,000 hectares of plantations.

Road in the 'Serra da Lua' close to the border with Guyana
Bar at the end of nowhere. Good place for lunch though - and a 'orelhao', too!

Now it's more the work in the office with air condition and clean clothes - a different thing.

See you there!


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lets go baby

semi-overcast 35 °C

Oi! Hallo! Saluão!

bon, il va falloir aussi que je me mette à écrire maintenant que ca a l'air de fonctionner et que je sais comment ca marche. Après une semaine de folie à Salvadore de Bahia et 3 jours à Fortaleza (voir photos) nous voilà donc à Boa Vista (depuis un peu plus de 2 semaines).

Boa Vista est une ville d'environ 200 000 habitants au bord du fleuve Rio Branco. On y mange beaucoup de poisson et il y a beaucoup d'enfants. Partout. Et des moustiques (titre).

"Aziza e le Rio Branco"

Nous habitons une jolie petite maison à deux pas de l'entreprise. Il y a Flo, Nico, Hannes et moi...
Le midi,à la cantine de l'entreprise, c'est toujours riz et haricots en accompagnement.
Et désolé Noémie, je n'ai pas encore vu de tractopelle.

Auf deutsch, Zusammenfassung: Die Leute essen Bohnen und Fisch. Ich habe auch kein Traktopel (Bagger) gesehen.

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Stopover in Lisbon

3 days in Lisbon - getting prepared for Brazil


We went straight from Lyon to Frankfurt with Eurolines of course. Time was scarce so we couldn't drop in at home once more. Monday afternoon we flew to Lisbon to spend a few days there on our way over to Brazil. Luckily we could stay at Sofías place for the three nights. Sofía is the cousin of a portuguese friend in Hamburg, so we managed to stay there.


- typical Lisbon street corner


- the ancient Lisbon streetcar is well worth a ride throughout town


- one for the french speaking among you


- off for Brazil!

See you there

... more pics

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